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  • Ray Monde

Letting the inner child loose

There’s some things we keep going back to again and again as an artist. For me, it’s memories of my childhood. I can’t quite pin my finger on why, other than it’s formed who I am as an adult.

I truly believe we carry our childhood all our lives and when we meet people as adults we still greet them as a child looking out from within our grown-up eyes.

To be honest, I thought I had exhausted my childhood hoard of memories – at least the ones that could easily be rendered onto canvas. And yet, after a great show at The Other Art Fair, a flood of new ones have come to the surface. And so it is, the more we reflect, the more we recall.

There’s a lot of stuff rolling around in my head – landscapes from the countryside near where I live around Braidwood. As I drive back and forth along the King’s Highway, I’m looking for vantage points to bring to life an idea I have based on the 69 stations of  the Kiso Kaido.

Plus, there’s portraits of people I met and their bears I liked. The trouble is, all these ideas are competing to get out, I’m struggling to control which will spew forth first.

Collage of Ray Monde artist and his bear, Pandy

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