Ray Monde grew up in Burrell Creek, a dairying region in Australia. He worked in advertising as a creative in London, New York and Sydney. In 2012, he moved to the small rural town of Braidwood to work as an artist full-time. In 2020, Ray relocated to Seattle to set up his practice in the Good Arts Building on Cherry Street, Pioneer Square.


Monde is primarily a paper artist. He overpaints glossy magazines with a thin wash of synthetic polymer paint. This lets the printed images and words to ghost through the paint, adding an extra dimension to his works. By tearing up these pages, Monde creates a palette to create his heavily textured works on canvas and paper.


Monde’s work explore themes of persecution, isolation and redemption. His first exhibition at Tap Gallery, A Dingo Ate My Baby, 2012, charted the media sideshow surrounding the death of Azaria Chamberlain. His solo shows Dry your Tears and It’s for your own good delved into the childhood experiences that shape our lives as adults.


In 2018 Monde was part of Group Show, Coarse Stories at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, his first institution show. In 2019, Monde exhibited Backyard Summer looking into the private-public lives of suburban gothic landscapes.


Monde’s most-recent work takes a modern twist on traditional Chinese landscape painting. He was commissioned by the Alliance for Pioneer Square to create a 56 foot wide panoramic mural on Occidental Square. In 2020, Ray exhibited After the Fires at Purple Noon Gallery created through the generosity of the Veolia Creative Arts Scholarship.


In March 2022, Monde will exhibit What the Wayfarer Saw at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.


Monde's work is in private collections in Australia, USA, UK and UAE.




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