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Seattle Restored - The Reckoning

Reinvigorating the city by activating empty storefronts

Seattle Restored revives Seattle neighborhoods with creativity and commerce. It generously supports local artists to reinvigorate the city by activating empty storefronts.


In January 2023, they commissioned Ray Monde to install this massive diorama, titled The Reckoning at 4019 21st Avenue W near the Fishermen's Terminal in Magnolia. 

In this collage and paper artwork, huge mountains dominate the landscape, waterfalls cascade down cliffs and tiny islands peek from Puget Sound.

The landforms dwarf our lives – a reminder of our position here in the Pacific North West. The artwork seeks to put into perspective our everyday concerns, encouraging a longer term view, nurturing and responding to the natural world around us.

The art installation runs from 1 January - 30 March 2023 is and accessible 24 hours a day.

Read more at Seattle Restored

Shunpike Arts - When you are long gone, I'll still be here

When you are gone Ill still be here installation 1_edited.jpg

A public art partnership with Amazon.

Shunpike’s Storefronts Program is an ongoing temporary public art partnership with Amazon, hosting 24 artists’ works a year.

This work, When you are long gone, I'll still be here, is made entirely of Amazon packing boxes and overpainted magazines using a technique termed ghostworking

Influenced by traditional Chinese landscapes, these stylized mountains represent the force and beauty of the Pacific North West. It tells a powerful story of our place in the world and how our everyday concerns are dwarfed by geological time. The mountains see far ahead in time to a place where we will no longer be here. 

The art installation runs till 1 May and is accessible 24 hours a day at 1051 Thomas Street Seattle, near the corner of Boren Avenue N.

Alliance for Pioneer Square - Beauty in isolation

Filling the bleak streets of a locked-down Seattle with vibrancy

In March 2020, as the pandemic gripped Seattle and the streets shut down, the Alliance for Pioneer Square commissioned a bunch of artists to create striking artworks to fill the streets with colour and hope.


My own works went up on Occidental Square. The artworks were featured in Pacific NW magazine, in the weekend edition of the Seattle Times. Telling the story of the artists and the photography who captured their inspired and playful art.

What started off as a simple idea, grew and evolved. The murals brought joy and light to the shuttered streets and Chatwin Press is published a 200+ page book documenting the transformation of the streets in these dark times.

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