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The Road to Wee Jasper
Tyger Gallery

The waters that curve around the flooded valleys of Lake Burrinjuck are a special, mysterious place. Winding roads, hugging the precipitous hillsides are a gateway to a secret world. 
My brother and his wife raised their four sons in a weatherboard cottage in Burrinjuck village. Visiting them felt like the world had gone quiet, creating moments to savour.
These works explore a timeless land where we can escape and reconnect. I like to call these works emotional landscapes as they reflect both what we see and how we feel, respond, reflect in those places.
The vibrant colours and limited palette seek to capture the heightened senses we have when we’re out in the bush, feeling a closeness with the landscape and the people with us. 
To view and acquire available artworks, go to Tyger Gallery

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