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  • Ray Monde

24 artworks sold in 24 hours.

With Trump releasing unidentified troops onto the streets of Portland and shoving protestors into unmarked vans, we really wanted to do something to support democracy in the United States. To make sure everyone who can vote, gets a chance to be heard.

That’s why we came up with the idea of a Square Deal: 50 artists for a fair vote. It is a chance to collect affordable art and support voting rights in swing states across the US.

Fifty artists, including me, created 50 artworks to raise money for the Movement Voter Project (MVP). It raises funds nationwide to support the best and most promising grassroots organizations in key swing states, with a focus on youth and communities of color.

Proof that people love art and fairness.

Within 24 hours we had sold 24 works. More than half of the works in the online gallery have been claimed.  It’s exciting that people support a fair vote and art without even knowing who the artist is who created the work.

That’s the fun part: donors pick the art they like, and they don’t know who the artist is until they claim it. (A list of participating artists is here.)

How you can get involved: donate and get a mystery-artist artwork in return.

There’s still time  for you to be part of a Square Deal, but you have to be quick! All you need to do is be one of the first 50 people to donate at least $100 to MVP through our secure dedicated link, you get to choose a piece of art for your collection.

We will send the artwork to you if you don’t live in Seattle, but we will only ship domestically to the US.

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