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Art-work versus work-work. Who wins?

The Studio interactive space at the Art Gallery of South Australia

Like most artists, I’d rather spend my time creating artworks rather than work-working but unfortunately my art is not self-sufficient. Thankfully, I’m in a position where I run my own business from home, The Wood Agency, which is little advertising agency which specialises in art-based marketing.

We recently developed this visual identity for The Studio, an annex of the Art Gallery of South Australia. Essentially, this is an interactive space where you can learn, explore and let your creativity shine.

We worked up this little visual identity which changes colours depending on the latest exhibition, so perhaps for the upcoming Turner from the Tate exhibition it will evolve into yellows, whites and ethereal hues.

I really love that it’s fun and squiggly but dignified.

The upshot is that it may be a little while before I get back into my own studio, but I keep looking at my unfinished works and they keep calling me.

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