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  • Ray Monde

Finalist in the Gosford Art Prize

I’ve been shortlisted as a finalist for the Gosford Art Prize which is held at the Gosford Regional Gallery . It’s the first art prize of any note that I have been shortlisted for and it really is exciting just to be shortlisted. As an emerging artist, any independent nod of approval is all it takes to be spurred to keep going. At this point in my art career, it doesn’t matter if I win (although that will certainly help), what’s important is to not give up! To keep doing what you love and then try to get some exposure for my work and my ideas.

This particular work, 4ENSIC (Michael Chamberlain’s 1977 Holden Torana) is the car that the Chamberlain’s allegedly killed their daughter Azaria. Thankfully, those horrendous claims have been laid to rest and a Fourth Inquest this year has finally (after 30 years) found the daughter’s disappearance the result of a dingo (wild dog) attack.

Michael later taught in Gosford and his son used this very same car as his wedding car, the title of the work comes from the number plates (license plates) of the car which actually read 4ENSIC.

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