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I’m a finalist in the 2014 Goulburn Art Award, winner announced Oct 16! @The_GRAG

An exciting month has just got a little bit more exciting. Just got a call from Goulburn Regional Art Gallery to say my work, Something in the Darkness was shortlisted as a finalist in the Goulburn Art Award.

Leggott_Ray Something in the darkness low res

Of course, I don’t have a chance of bagging the top prize, but it’s amazing to be among the finalists and I love that the work continues the theme of my exhibition, Dry Your Tears, currently showing at Stur Gallery.

I bumped into the gallery owner on Saturday and she said that another of the works sold to a buyer in Sydney. She said they’d been road-tripping around the south coast galleries and saw When I sleep, Panda roams (below) and said the exhibition was the best they’d seen on their trip. Sold, sold, sold, sold, sold. Five works have found new owners and I’m jiggling in my pants with the joy of it all. A good week. And it’s only Monday.

When I sleep Panda roams Ray Leggott 2014
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