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Is Obama the most inspiring President for artists?

Illustration for Time Magazine

Time Magazine crowned Barack Obama 2012 person of the year and commissioned this portrait by artist Vik Muniz. It struck me how many graphic images have been created of Barack Obama. There’s thousands of images of Presidents, but I have never seen so many graphic representations of any other President like Obama. I particularly like this one by Vik Muniz as his face is made up of lots of little Obamas. Plus, there’s tell-tale little insights, like the Apple logo.

I also love the structure of this work and the subtle use of colour and shading. Many times with my own collage the small pieces distract from the wider picture, but this is beautifully balanced, showing the elements and the whole image at the same time.

If you’re interested, there’s also a compelling paper sculpture by Michael Murphy.

3D paper work created for Time Magazine, person of the year 2012

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