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Is video art real art?


Sophie, 6 seconds of fame, post-pop portrait, click to view

I’m looking at the months ahead and they look like a gaping yawn, a wide open mouth ready to devour me. After a relaxed Easter, I’m in danger of dropping into that post-exhibition dark hole.

I know what I have to do next, I just have to do it. But at the moment, there’s an unfinished work on the easel and I’m doing what I do to distract myself. Paid advertising projects and farm DIY projects, anything to avoid in the canvas.

There is hope though. My next series is a series of portraits, ‘people landscapes’ if I want to talk in wanky-art-world speak that makes people nod knowingly while in their heads they’re thinking “You’re so full of yourself, dick”.

Anyway, Vine is a short video service pumped through Twitter. It’s 6 seconds of magic. Warhol famously made video portraits and I like to think I’m continuing that tradition. Not sure where it’s going, but the looping of the 6 seconds is strangely compelling.


Chris, 6 seconds of fame, post-pop portrait

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