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  • Ray Monde

Latest collages using magazines and paper

With the fourth inquest into Azaria Chamberlain’s death scheduled for February 24, I need to complete the entire series before then. Here’s the next two:

Spilt Milk

The forensics in the Azaria case were flawed and unreliable but were used to sentence Lindy Chamberlain to life imprisonment with hard labour. A sticky substance was found under the dashboard of the car and the prosecution successfully put the case forward that this was baby’s blood that had sprayed there when Lindy murdered her daughter. As was later revealed though, chocolate milk also tested positive as baby’s blood and it turned out that the ‘blood’ was in fact sound deadener that was accidentally sprayed there during the car’s manufacture. This collage reflects the ambiguity of the forensics.

Image of Azaria Chamberlain forensics
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