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Looking for a studio in Seattle

It’s early January and I am standing in the gentle rain outside Blick’s. There’s a man in a glitter top hat reeling off tunes to passing cars. This is new to me. The whole city is new to me and the rain is a joy on my head. I haven’t seen or felt it for over three months. Australia is on fire. It’s burnt an area the distance between Seattle to Vancouver.

Bainbridge ferry docking in Seattle by Ray Monde

I am desperate to find a studio since I left mine behind in Braidwood. And I have an enormous looming deadline. I’m showing a collection of new works at The Other Art Fair Los Angeles in April. I need to get cracking.

Without a studio, I can only make preliminary sketches until I can set up in a space to make a mess.

So I am on the hunt. I checked out a place in Winslow on Bainbridge Island, it was a good size, a good price, but they need me to sign a two year lease and I am probably only going to be here a year.

I’ve spoken to the kind people at 57 Biscayne which is in a handy location off the ferry for me in Pioneer Square. But they may not have space till mid February.

In the mean time I’ll try and talk to as many people as possible. I’m planning on heading to The Drawnk to see if anyone has some tips and also jump along to Drink & Draw at the Bainbridge Island Brewhouse.

Someone will have a home for me.

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