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Saatchi Online Collage Showdown begins today

Lindy Chamberlain collage on television

Saatchi Online is a incredible forum to showcase the work of emerging artists. I’ve been fortunate enough to sell work through the site and it’s given me a profile that I would never have had, I’m even selling prints of my work through affiliated retailers such as One Kings Lane. Again, an opportunity I’d never get in Braidwood.

Now, Saatchi Online is having an Artist Showdown where they pit artist against artist. The winner wins prize money and has their work hung in the Saatchi Gallery in London. It’s a great opportunity and voting has begun for the next two weeks. You can check it out and vote here or visit

Oh and if you happen to see “Trial by Television” please vote for it! This work is dominated by Lindy Chamberlain, her trial for the murder of her baby Azaria was the first in Australian history to be broadcast live on Australian television. It meant that everyone became a jury member across the nation and everyone formed their own judgement. The living rooms became court rooms with disasterous results.

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