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  • Ray Monde

Ugly Beauty

March and April are a bit of a frenzied time, lots of arts grants have their deadlines this time of year. That takes a lot of preparation. Plus, the big hitting art prizes in Australia; the Sulman, Archibald and Wynne prizes all close this week. The Archibald alone awards $75,000. I’ve sweated out an entry for the Wynne Landscape Prize, you can check it out below. I think it might be one of my favourite pieces so far, I really enjoyed thinking through the colours and when I got it wrong, I just layered more paper and paint over my mistakes.

This picture is of a big eroded gully near my home which the locals call the Grand Canyon. It’s been around for a hundred years or more and was created by early farmers chopping down too many trees. There was nothing to hold the soil in place during heavy rains and it all washed away. It’s a terrible scar on the landscape but I there’s a real ugly beauty to it.

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