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What do you buy someone who has everything?

There’s a very simple answer to this question: art. You don’t have to be an art lover to love receiving art as a gift. The best way to choose the perfect gift is to make sure you select a subject that suits the person.

The great thing about buying art as a gift is it’s not a one-off. Every year you can add to their collection, help them support their passion and show how much you appreciate them and what they love doing!

Detail; Ben Quilty, Red XB study, 2006.

Tips on buying a gift for someone you love.

My eldest brother Rodney loves doing up classic cars. He spends his nights in the shed painstakingly restoring vehicles. If I was buying him a gift, I’d buy a print of a classic car like the Chevrolet Chevelle or even a unique painting of a licence plate, hood ornament or a car itself.

Know someone who likes fishing? Buy an artwork of a nautical scene, a classic fisherman’s knot, a fishing fly or fish species in their area.

Ray Monde, Green Seas, collage on paper

Know a book lover? Buy a portrait of their favourite character or book cover. Ben Tankard is renowned for his Unpopular Penguins.

Know a film buff? Buy a work that brings to life classic films in a quirky way with a piece of Marc Etherington.

Know someone who loves a tipple? Buy a still life of their favorite drink. Jessie Feitosa creates artworks that are classic renditions of classic drinks.

I can’t afford original artworks, what next?

If you can’t afford original art, you can pay by instalments through places like Art Money which lets you buy art in easy instalments without paying interest.

There’s other ways to get your hands on original art at affordable prices through events like the Incognito Art Show where every piece of artwork, regardless of the artist, is sold for just $100. The identity of an artwork’s artist remains anonymous until you buy the artwork. You can pick up artworks worth thousands for just $100.

There’s also events like the Linden Postcard Show where over 800 artworks are exhibited at great prices.

Remember, you can also buy photographs, lithographs and prints which make artworks affordable and money still goes back to the artist.

Sign up for gallery newsletters so you don’t miss out.

Another way to give art as gifts at a great price is to be one of the first to buy. Just between you and me, I hear Michael Reid Southern Highlands is about to hold a solo exhibition of new works by Ray Monde. I’d recommend signing up for their mailing list so you’re one of the first to find out about his new show.

Header image: Marc Etherington, Food for the Winter, 2021, acrylic on board, 45x27cm

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