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What is the meaning of the North Star?

The North Star or Polaris is so close to the celestial pole it moves in a little tiny circle over 24 hours. It stays in roughly the same place in the sky, helping us find north.

No matter what else is going on in the world, you can depend on the North Star. The North Star symbolises hope. It’s a symbol of guidance and direction.

As if to counter the dark times we’re living through, the North Star is getting brighter. In fact, it’s 250% brighter than it was 200 years ago.

The dark side of the North Star.

There’s a dark side to the North Star. Polaris is only visible in the Northern Hemisphere. For artist Ray Monde who was born in Australia, in the Southern Hemisphere, the North Star is alienating. The night sky is entirely unfamiliar and unsettling.

As part of National Poetry Month, a new poem by artist Ray Monde explores the dark side of the North Star. Featured in Poetry Corners and published by Bainbridge Island Press.

North Star by Ray Monde.

On a rare clear night, I look up

Into the darkness

To pinpricks of light that are alien

Like me

A foreigner in a northern land

And I am betrayed

Looking for solace

In the once familiar night sky

And I think if I die here

My bones will be restless

In the cold mossy earth

My hollow sockets

Staring into the dark sky

Dreaming of warm nights

And echoes of cicadas screaming

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