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  • Ray Monde

When you are long gone, I’ll still be here.

A large art installation as a diorama of mountains around Seattle with cascading waterfalls
When you are long gone, I'll still be here. Art installation by Ray Monde, collage and board, 8mx2mx50cm

A public art partnership with Amazon.

Shunpike’s Storefronts Program is an ongoing temporary public art partnership with Amazon, hosting 24 artists’ works a year.

This work by artist Ray Monde is called When you are long gone, I’ll still be here. It’s made entirely of Amazon packing box

es and overpainted magazines using a technique termed ghostworking. It also includes a soundscape through SoundCloud for a wholly immersive experience of the artwork.

Influenced by traditional Chinese landscapes, these stylized mountains represent the force and beauty of the Pacific North West. It tells a powerful story of our place in the world and how our everyday concerns are dwarfed by geological time. The mountains see far ahead in time to a place where we will no longer be here.

The art installation runs till 1 May and is accessible 24 hours a day at 1051 Thomas Street Seattle, near the corner of Boren Avenue N.

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