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  • Ray Monde

Would Billie Holiday be upset if I titled this “Strange fruit”?


I know Billie Holiday’s song Strange Fruit is harrowing, devastating and political, so I am hesitant to use its title for this work. On the road to the local dump, plastic bags catch on the wind and collect in the hawthorn trees along the road.

It’s strangely disturbing and beautiful at the same time. I guess using a title like Strange Fruit brings with it unnecessary complications and perhaps a simpler title like Plastic Fruit does the same job without co-opting something that has no relationship to the subject matter.

I’m in a creative frenzy at the moment, working like a demon in the summer heat to meet the January 22 deadline for the exhibition. I’m getting works 90% complete before moving onto the next one.

Below is something I’m loosely titling Out of Range on Bombay Road, I plan to stick a dirty black signal tower on the top of Mount Gillamatong. Our rush to stay in touch is destroying the very things we go to the countryside to avoid.

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