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WW1 horrors for all the world to see, repeated today #WW1

John Nash 'Over the Top'

Looking at this photo of Over the Top by John Nash you see just how macabre war is. The slumped shoulders of B Company, the drudging effort to climb out of the trenches on December 30, 1917.

It’s depressingly every day and horrific. Nick Clark wrote a beautiful piece about it for The Independent which you can read in it’s entirety here.

The biggest shock for me was what was on the next page, in almost identical position. A contemporary photo of Israeli soldiers on patrol near the West Bank city of Hebron by Abed Al Hashlamoun. We have learnt nothing, we suffer and continue to make others suffer. 100 years on we’re still fighting with each other. If it wasn’t so terrible, there’d be something poetic in it all.

Israeli soldiers on the West Bank
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