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What happens next Ray Monde?

Beach scene by Ray Monde artist

I love now. I love this moment. I love the start of something new.

This week I started a new series. A series exploring childhood experiences – one more time – but this time it’s going to be better.

It’s going to be better because the more I think about my childhood, the more my memories become clearer and the more I uncover long forgotten experiences.

It’s also better because the more I create, the better I get. My skills improve, my colour work gets better and the more confident I become to take risks, to do stupid things, to do fun things, to do what I would never have tried a year ago.

It’s going to be better because more people have put their faith in my work. More people have made a connection with my work, loved it so much to want to buy it, take it home and hang it on their walls.

Now I have such a fierce drive to show them, to prove to them that they made the right decision, that this will go on and on. Better and better with many, many more new beginnings.

This pic is the first background to my first new work. It’s a beach scene – blue water, white beach, blue sky, reliving the feeling of drowning.

A glorious dark start to a new, new beginning.

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