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  • Ray Monde

An organised artist: is that an oxymoron?


At home, I don’t mind being disorganised or messy, as you would have seen from my kitchen photos earlier on. But when I’m in the public eye, I like to look like I know what I am doing, even if that’s not the case.

That’s why last night I sat down with the gallery plans for Gaffa Gallery and painstakingly make a scale replica of the walls so I could see the space around my work and where to hang things. It’s a fine balance curating this stuff, but this system made me feel very comfortable and gave me a plan of attack for when I bump in tomorrow.

It still gives me options to move them around in case the colours don’t quite work, but at least I know how high to hang, how far apart and how many on each walls. It’s a good way for me to feel organised and to stifle my growing angst at the impending opening on Thursday. Eeek.

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