• Ray Monde

Anna Platten is devilishly crazy

A surprise trip to Adelaide took me to the Art Gallery of South Australia. For a relatively small gallery, it really punches above its weight with stunning, carefully curated exhibitions like Fred Williams and Lidia Groblicka. The real eye-popper for me was Anna Platten. Her work is stunning, precise and opens up a cornucopia of wonder.

This image is a fool’s journey – the dress is actual vintage, the hobby horse exists and there’s the crazy windmill on a stick. I love that it’s such a hybrid of old-school new-school. It really is bewitching.

If that’s not enough, there’s Fred Williams who dramatised Australian landscapes like no-one else, paring them right back to their essence. It was amazing for me that such an accomplished artist continually educated himself through courses and artbooks. A great lesson that you never stop learning, especially in art.

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