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Can I tackle a horse? My first commission

It’s the most incredible thing when a friend supports your art. There’s a big difference between saying you like someone’s work and paying money for it. I’m still kind of uncomfortable with the idea of friends giving me money for art, but I guess money between friends is always awkward.

After seeing my A Dingo Ate My Baby series, a close friend said,

“Make me a horse. I’ve always loved horses, particularly the roman ones. I’ll pay you for it.”

I’ve never explored animals in art before (other than chickens) and I am between series at the moment, after a rash of art award entries and exhibitions. While I am thinking about landscapes and style, even revisiting some drawings I made while living in New York, I’m going to tackle a horse.

After a lot of searching, I love the strength and power of this beauty but I think I’ll play with proportion and make it a little naive and folksy. Expect to see some progress in the coming weeks, I’m heading to Sydney soon to pick up supplies.


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