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  • Ray Monde

Extraordinary curation at the Art Gallery of South Australia


Adelaide is a tricky place to get to, it’s surrounded by desert and is parked in the groin of Australia. I had to head down there for work and was lucky enough to discover some of the most extraordinary gallery curation I have ever seen in my life.

Even at revered institutions like the Royal Academy in London and MOMA in New York, I have never seen such stunning, engaging, mind-tickling art displays.

The new director, Nick Mitzevich has smartly construed a way for us to look at modern art – and at the same time appreciate the works in their formerly ‘fusty’ galleries. By carefully placing modern with classic, old with new, in a way that breathes life into all the pieces, it’s a real artistic coup.

In the example above, there’s a Rodin with a ‘pickled’ horse. But what astounded me is that initially you’re drawn to the horse, but then magically you look at all the other work in the room to see how it relates. It’s a stroke of genius.

There’s a couple of other examples below, sometimes it’s even a bit like Where’s Wally? Suddenly, you’re confronted by art that could appear out of place, but the context of its placement is very powerful.

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