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  • Ray Monde

Final Day; Mixed Media course. Final chicken.

Today was the last day at the Mixed Media course at the National Arts School.

Officially we weren’t supposed to take our works down till 4.30pm but I had to do a runner and when Kerrie Lester left the studio, I pulled my work down and snuck out the back door at 2.30pm. I had finished the final chicken and had a four hour drive ahead of me back to Riverbend.

It was a good week, I think I would have liked some more direct tuition rather than a running commentary on our work. A visit to the library was an incredible resource and I learnt more about new techniques from an hour in the library than a couple of days with our tutor.

One of the best things about the class is learning from the other students, it was really great to see how they used different materials to create their works. An incredible week for me, a great week for chickens.

Large chicken head collage

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