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  • Ray Monde

How to focus in a state of panic


Keep calm. I have a solo exhibition which opens on March 7 at Gaffa gallery in Sydney. It would all be very exciting except at the moment I only have one completed piece of the 10 work show.

I’m not panicking yet, but I feel my stomach churning and despite the looming deadline (I need to supply images by January 22) I am procrastinating.

It’s always the same with me. I like to think I’m organised. I create small thumbnail scamps of potential ideas for artworks and they remain just that. Hidden in my workbook, giving me a false sense of security because they’re already complete in my mind.

All I need to do is pick up a brush or pot of binder medium and just make a mark on a canvas, stick something down, it will happen. It has to happen today. But instead I’m doing everything else but what I need to do. Including writing this.

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