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  • Ray Monde

I wish you hadn’t asked: Art & About

There’s a great art festival in Sydney called Art & About which is always full of surprises. Today it was bright and sunny, a glorious Sydney day, 28C (82F) but people were donning raincoats outside this house.

  It’s a great piece of installation art by James Dive, part of the Glue Society creative team. Once you step inside it’s raining. A torrential downpour. It’s been raining for a while now so all the books are disintegrating, doors are falling off wardrobes and there’s an overwhelming smell of rank dampness. I love that the whole thing is a statement on when relationships go awry and for me that often people will sit and live in a sloppy messy relationship when it’s often better to just get out.

It’s only on till 7 October, so if you can’t make it, take a peek inside the soggy house.

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