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  • Ray Monde

LaserCat feeds on your art and he’s very hungry #art #bizarre #hungrycastle


“What did you do today, honey?”

“Fed my art to LaserCat so he can project it on the moon.”

This is the kind of conversation artists are having all over the world as LaserCat dominates the art scene in the lead up to he Art Directors Club Awards.

It’s the kind of craziness we’ve come to expect from Hungry Castle and we’ve got to love them for it. We love lasers, we love cats, put them together on the internet and you’ve got something bordering on global domination.

It’s the kind of whimsy that people lap up and media from Wired Magazine to The Guardian and Huffington Post have fallen for it. Like a giant kitty with a big bowl of art.

If you haven’t fed laser cat yet, time is running out. Visit to feed the hungry feline. It’s craziness – but the chance to expose your art through a giant cat to enthralled crowds only comes once in your lifetime. Actually, probably once in all eternity. Do it. For the art. And for the golden faced talking kitty cat.


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