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  • Ray Monde

Let’s play a game called spot the #panda @ChapmanInfo #belleartiprize

Belle Arti Prize 1

This was the first year I entered the Belle Arti Prize, it’s a great award run by Chapman & Bailey. Essentially, they send out hundreds of canvases for artists to create works and then they all come back to be hung together.

There are so many different styles of works on display, so many different subjects and a crazy array of talent. It’s a true cross-section of artists in Australia and what I particularly love is that everyone – everyone – get’s hung. There’s no elitism, if you can create a work, it’ll be hung for the world to see.

Now I’ve said that, can you see my work?

Belle Arti Prize 2

I’ll give you a hint, in the photo below it’s second from the top, second one down.

Belle Arti Prize 3

Cross I bear

That’s it! You spotted it. It’s such a great experience, such a wonderful equaliser. And it’s shows like these that make you feel good, no matter whether you get official recognition or not.

x Monde

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