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  • Ray Monde

One of the best exhibitions in the world, ever: #darkheart at the Art Gallery of South Australia

It’s a big call I know but it’s true, Dark Heart at the Art Gallery of South Australia is magnificent. Sensation at the Royal Academy in London may have had shock and gore, but Dark Heart is all awe. It’s exceptionally well-curated, in way that Nick Mitzevich only knows how. Alex Seton’s Some died trying to have a life like mine is paired beautifully but not overshadowed by Ben Quilty’s The Island, which only took 6 (exhausting) days to create.


Macabre rooms by Julia De Ville with a child mobile made from mummified organs, are strangely compelling. And anyone who hates works that are ‘Untitled’, a pet-hate of mine, will be thrilled with Dale Frank’s inventions like Self Portrait with Amorous Tapeworms.


Compared to the Museum of Contemporary Art’s WAR IS OVER and the Art Gallery of NSW’s AMERICA, this is miles ahead, streaking to the horizon with a captivating cast of Australian artists.

Plus, as someone who’s heart beats with binder medium and a sticky paintbrush, there’s a swag of collage and mixed media to sink your teeth into, like Tony Albert’s works below. Go see Dark Heart, any way you can.

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