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Ray shouts at Trim with poison rat

We had friends visiting with two gorgeous girls last weekend and they listen to everything that’s happening, even if they don’t react.

Anyway, our new puppy got into the chicken shed and found an old dried rat that had probably died of rat poison. She picked it up and ran away with it. Of course, when I tried to get it off her, she thought it was a great game. Running away, throwing the rat into the air and slowly chewing bits of it off and swallowing it.

I was getting increasingly angry, shouting at the dog, shouting to my partner inside the house – which of course, did no good. In the end, the puppy ate the rat before I could get it off her.

Later that day, Saskia was drawing a picture (below) and it turns out to perfectly captures the scene. I particularly love the red rat belly and the rings of shouting coming from my mouth.

The dog is fine, by the way.

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