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  • Ray Monde

Sacrifice in the wilderness

This is where I generally have a little bit of a crisis in my collage art. I have the beginnings of the background and have carefully created all the pieces that complete the piece of art. My dilemma is putting them all together in the right way to evoke the emotion of the scene. Once it’s stuck down, if I do it wrong,  I face the prospect of doing it all over again. Hours and days worth of work. Eeep.

This is based on a very famous photo of Lindy Chamberlain with her baby Azaria on uluru. There’s a few things I love about this photo. I love how innocent it is, yet they’re balanced precariously on the slope of the rock. I love the hard angles of the image and the look on Azaria’s face, it’s all strangely disconcerting for me.

Lindy and Azaria on Uluru.

Lindy and Azaria on Uluru (Ayers Rock)Sacrifice in the Wilderness

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