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  • Ray Monde

Warhol at The Met, plus a little Hopper


There’s an amazing exhibition at The Met in New York at the moment which is all about Warhol and his influences; Regarding Warhol, fifty artists, sixty years. Interspersed with Warhols are the works of people who have been influenced by him and developed around him. Cindy Sherman, Sigmar Polke, Basquiat and even Gilbert & George.

Far too many people are attracted to Warhol’s colours and celebrity than his actual draftsmanship, for which he was incredibly talented. It’s a great exhibition of contrast and comparisons with a whole room dedicated to queer takes on art. The first I’ve seen of it’s kind.

Due to copyright, I couldn’t take any photos so I found this beautiful work by Hopper, Office in a Small City. It was the only work Hopper produced in 1953 and I love that such an established loved artist can take his time and produce only one work in a year which is snapped up by the Met. Hopper is one of my collage inspirations, his solid blocks and distinct shapes help me form shapes and shadows in my own work.

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