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  • Ray Monde

Why each stroke doesn’t have to be a masterstroke #art #artforsale @sturgallery

Mixed media of ferris wheel

Wheel, Mixed media on Board, Shannon Johnson

Artist’s need to relax more. Artist’s need to forget more. And they need to try less hard. It’s easy to say those things, far far harder to do it.

It’s a crazy notion, to learn only to forget. To practice only to let it go. But every artist I encounter is trying to do the same thing, relax, let it go and tap into the unconsciousness that gets them into a state of flow.

It’s at the heart of all creativity, whether you’re trying to write, paint, draw, perform. It’s getting so good at your craft that it’s instinctive. And that is so very, very hard.

I think all these things as I look at an exhibition at the local Stur Gallery. I see the drips and scrunches and realise I need to let go. But it’s hard and scary, but so necessary.

I wonder how you do it, how do you let go? Or does it just gush out in one almighty geyser?

These works are from Stick Together, ending soon at Stur Gallery.

the Word APE illuminated in a drawer

Ape Shit, Assemblage & LED lights, Lost Nomad

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