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Found a studio at 57 Biscayne – a room of one’s own


Studio space in Seattle is really hard to come by. I was fortunate that Clare Johnson had landed a residency and would be out of the state for three months.

She was looking for someone to look after her space in 57 Biscayne and I was keen to look after it. We hit it off and is kindly letting me work in this beautiful space.

My new short-term studio


The space is roomy, has wonderful high ceilings and is beautifully lit. The big white wall is just dying to be covered in my stuff and it’s wonderfully tactile – with an easy give to push pins in and work on the wall and floor.

It’s also warm 🙂


It’s exactly what I dreamed artist studios should be like but I never had the opportunity to hang out in one before.

The clock is ticking – three months to get art done

I work well to hard deadlines and there’s nothing more pressing than knowing I am going to lose this wonderful space in three months.

I have a big, ambitious lot of work to do. And have already started cracking on. I’ll keep you posted. And I’m excited!

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