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Six seconds of fame, post pop portraits

Sal, Six seconds of fame, post pop portrait

Sal, Six seconds of fame, post pop portrait

This is a new beginning. Sometimes the best thing to do is just start. Put marks on paper, scratch around and create something. My next series is a series of mixed media portraits created in association with Vine videos, little six second snippets of video.

I love the brevity of it and turning that brevity into a work on canvas. Tragically, I lost my earlier videos but I’ll keep extending this video as I create more and more six second clips of people in their native environments. It’s inspired by Vine, but also by Warhol’s screen tests which are remarkably captivating.

I’m almost too scared to start creating these portraits, I’ve been thinking about it for months, too scared to make a mark. But uploading this video is the starting gun, now I need to run with it.

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