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  • Ray Monde

SOLD, SOLD. Why sales validate artists.


SOLD. Idolatry, Acrylic and collage on canvas, Ray Leggott 2013. Stur Gallery, Xmas Group Show, 2013.

Art for art’s sake is a beautiful idea – but artists have to eat. Few of us have generous benefactors to lavish funds upon us, so a sale means we can keep going. Selling work means we can buy new art supplies, sales mean we can secure a space in a studio or artist-run-initiative (ARI) and sales mean we can keep doing what we love.

Sales also give us critical feedback. Selling an artwork means we’re doing okay, that someone else likes our work enough to part with their own hard-earned cash. More than that, a sale means someone might actually want to hang our work on their walls – in their home, in their office, in their own private worlds. Us artists are a needy lot and selling art is a deeply personal and moving experience. It’s betting than winning the lottery, it’s not about dumb-luck, it’s genuine reward for creative effort and I don’t know any greater feeling.

You can imagine how euphoric I am to have sold my two works in my first commercial group show at Stur Gallery in Braidwood. I’m bouncing off the walls and have nervy, excited energy for my solo show later this year. Can not wait.


SOLD. 4ENSIC, Collage on box board, Ray Leggott, 2012. Part of A dingo ate my baby series. Group Show, Stur Gallery, Xmas 2013.

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