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  • Ray Monde

Finding your twin is not easy

Here’s the thing – getting a commission from someone is  always a little bit tricksy. You go from doing whatever you like, whatever is in your head, to creating something for a specific person with specific tastes for a specific environment.

Even though many benefactors will say ‘Do whatever you like!”, you can’t not be influenced by them. You want them to like what you do. After all, all artists are searching for love through their work, whether they admit it or not.


So this work, You’re not leaving the table till you finish your dinnernow lives in a beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn, New York.

They liked it so much when it arrived, they commissioned me to create another piece. Which is adorable, but daunting.

So I want to create a piece in the same series that is complementary to this one. A work that mirrors this artwork in some way.

While I wait for some images of the kid’s toys, I’ve been playing around with the idea of extending the kitchen table, showing another side.


I know pulling a screen from a child’s hands is more difficult than pulling candy away from them. I like the idea of a table full of ‘wholesome’ playthings, football, toy sailboats, drawing pad and pencils – even a playground glimpsed through the open window.

The drawing pad mimics the edge of the table cloth in the ‘twin’ artwork. While I wait to hear back from New York, I’ll continue to tinker and see what comes out of it.

It may not be a twin, but I think they’ll be able to live together happily, side by side.

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